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Forest Stewardship Program - Texas

Giving Texas Landowners a Hand

The purpose of the Forest Stewardship Program is to encourage the long-term stewardship of private land by educating landowners on ways to actively manage their forest resources. The Forest Stewardship Program is jointly funded by the Texas A&M Forest Service and the USDA Forest Service - State and Private Forestry.  

The Forest Stewardship Program is beneficial to landowners all over Texas - from the Pineywoods of East Texas to the West Texas Panhandle - because programs are tailored to the individual needs of each landowner.

Foresters will help landowners develop a 10-year course of action, outlining step-by-step measures to keep your land productive now and in the future. The plan is designed based on the landowners goals and objectives.

The Forest Stewardship Program recognizes that most landowners value their land as more than just a commodity. While the program may enable you to make your land more productive, you'll see other benefits as well, through cleaner air and water, healthy populations of fish and wildlife, and quality outdoor recreation.

East Texas:

The private landowner in East Texas has perhaps the most to gain from our program - and the most to lose if good land and timber management practices are not followed.

Although trees are abundant in the region, 2.8 million acres of Pineywoods timberlands are under stocked. In addition, on non-industrial private forest land, for every seven acres of pine harvested, only one acre is replanted. Often, these lands were harvested needlessly or improperly because a forester was not involved up front. So, before you cut, call your local Texas A&M Forest Service office or a professional forester near you!

It is clear that thoughtful stewardship will pay dividends not only to landowners and the forest products industry, but to the overall environmental health of the region as well.

Central Texas:

The Central Texas Hill Country has been named one of the world's "Last Great Places." Central Texas natural resources are threatened by land mismanagement (detrimental to soil, water quality, native plants and wildlife habitat), removal of fire from the ecosystem and oak wilt.

We need your help - as a Texas landowner - to conserve Central Texas trees as renewable resources for future generations. Landowners must do their part to keep the land great.

The Forest Stewardship Program is your program, to help address your interests in wildlife, diversity, recreation and water quality.  It can also help address concerns about forest health and diseases such as oak wilt.

West Texas:

Needs of the private landowner in West Texas take on an entirely different tone. Here, the primary concern is wind erosion.

Every year approximately 535 million tons of West Texas land literally blows away. Just one mile of windbreak trees can keep up to 2,800 tons of this valuable Texas resource at home. Windbreaks are essential in protecting farmland, livestock homesteads and roadways from the harsh environmental elements of the High Plains. They also provide crucial habitat for High Plains wildlife and enhance the value of your property.

The Forest Stewardship Program professionals can be invaluable in working with you to design a plan that fits your needs. We can guide you in proper site preparation, tree selection and placement and windbreak maintenance. In addition, we can assist with the rehabilitation of old windbreaks.

The Forest Stewardship Program is here for you, whether you're working on increasing the productivity of your land or improving your conservation efforts. Together, we can move toward a brighter future with thriving forest lands and healthy economic rewards.

For more information:

The next step is to have a Texas A&M Forest Service forester visit with you about the objectives you have for your land. Find the office nearest you or send in a request for assistance.

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Forest Stewardship Program - Texas
Clay Bales, Staff Forester IV
Forest Resource Development & Sustainable Forestry - Texas A&M Forest Service
6330 Hwy 290 East
Ste. 115
Austin, TX  78723
Phone: (512) 339-7716
Fax: (512) 339-6329

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