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Sustainable Ranges Initiative

The Department of Defense Sustainable Ranges Initiative ensures the long-term viability and continuity of military training and testing ranges while providing good stewardship for the land. Through a framework of continuing, cooperative and coordinated efforts within government, and partnerships with groups beyond installation boundaries, SRI is safeguarding America and sustaining our lands and resources for years to come.

Report to Congress on Sustainable Ranges

In an effort to understand the extent to which encroachment impacts the training of our armed forces, the Congress, in Section 366 of the Bob Stump National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year (FY) 2003, as amended, required DoD to submit annual reports (during FYs 2005-2013) on military training range needs, resources, and constraints. This report is intended to meet this requirement as well as describe the Department's overall progress in developing a comprehensive plan to address training constraints caused by limitations on the use of military lands, marine areas, and airspace. The report also provides an updated, comprehensive inventory of DoD training ranges.

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Sustainable Ranges Initiative
John Conger, Acting Deputy Under Secretary of Defense (Installations & Environment)
US Department of Defense

Phone: (703) 604-1795
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