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Forest Stewardship Program (FSP)
The Forest Stewardship Program (FSP) provides technical assistance, through State forestry agency partners, to nonindustrial private forest (NIPF) owners to encourage and enable active long-term forest management. A primary focus of the Program is the development of comprehensive, multi-resource management plans that provide landowners with the information they need to manage their forests for a variety of products and services. For more details on how the Forest Stewardship Program operates, see the National Standards and Guidelines.
Participation in the Forest Stewardship program is open to any non-industrial private forest landowners who are committed to the active management and stewardship of their forested properties for at least ten years. The FSP is not a cost share program. Cost-share assistance for plan implementation may be available through other programs such as the Forest Land Enhancement Program. To find out how you can participate in the Forest Stewardship Program offered by your State, please contact your State Forester's office. For a list of State Foresters, click here.
Approximately forty-five percent of all forestland in the United States, or 354 million acres is under nonindustrial private ownership, contributing significantly to America's clean water and air, wildlife habitat, recreational resources and timber supplies. Authorized by the Cooperative Forestry Assistance Act of 1978, FSP focuses on helping private forest landowners devlop plans for the sustainable management of their forests.

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Forest Stewardship Program (FSP)
Karl R. DallaRosa
Program Manager
1400 Independence Ave., SW
Mailstop: 1111
Washington, DC  20250-1111
Phone: (800) 832-1355

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